Celebrations For Tweets, Web Site And Facebook


Tomorrow @praycelticdaily celebrates its three thousandth daily prayer tweet.  Does the phrase 'the ceaseless prayer of the heart' come to mind?

Daily emails on The Way for three years are now  waiting to be sent. Bruce Challenor, who pastes and sends them through Mailchimp shortly begins a tour to visit Aidan and Hilda members in Australia.  Currently daily tweets are drawn from The Way emails. For example: 'Teach us that there is an imprint of The Way in all people – from the Garden of Eden to Dao in China. Help us come into line with Your Way wwww.waymarksoflife.com'

This week I have refreshed and updated this web site.  For example new information on the Pilgrimage section includes details of four Pilgrim Walks to Lindisfarne, five Pilgrim Walks in Ireland and six in the rest of Britain.    The Downloads have been been placed into categories so that you can access what you look for at a glance or two. They begin with prayer and worship resources, then lectures, followed by Church and the Great Emergence, The Way of Life, Pilgrimage and messages to countries.

Many new Facebook friends need to know that I only do a word post (of this blog)  once a week  and cannot be relied upon to reply to your messages. I do reply to email messages.  However, I have revised my personal Way of Life and now aim to look at Facebook messages once a month when possible.  

Sam Simpson of Cork has stayed with me this week.  You can see a pic of him with Gerry Adams on his Facebook;  He downloaded this poem he has written. Isn't it great?


I do not long for the emptiness to be filled

Like some aged reservoir of filtered water

sage and dark and pure

where wells can draw from deep

one cold bucket at a time

But rather channel

the first rain

rushing tributaries

and streams

flowing swiftly

down the mountainside

across dry unbleached stones

to join that great river

and seep

out into the cracked dry clay

to sink


and out of sight

And patiently wait

and then to run again.

Posted at 09:13am on 21st September 2018
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