Celtic Models For Modern Churches And Russell Brand

People from both established churches and new missional movements keep asking 'Are there Celtic models that we can learn from?' In USA a leaflet I drafted years ago was re-printed and circulated, somewhat to my horror. I re-worked it and brought it up to date. This is now on sale for £1 at The Open Gate. But you, dear blog reader, can download it free from this site as of today!

I spent a day with Liverpool Anglican Diocese spiritual directors on Thursday. The venue was Saint Joseph's Centre, Formby. This Catholic Community was running out of sisters so it re-cycled itself as a house of prayer. It is a creative, vibrant house of prayer. Houses of prayer are an emerging force. Watch this space!

Jamie Cossar takes his First Voyage (i.e. vows) on Saint Cuthbert's Isle today. He has invited all his friends on the island. The sun is shining. I plan to be there, though the doctor warns I am having dizzy episodes because of low blood pressure. More water, less caffeine and good rhythms may restore the body.

Students of the Igniting the Flame Course are here. One of them joined because, although her church is large and charismatic, she said to herself 'There must be something more'. She found The Community of Aidan and Hilda 'by accident' on the internet. She has never looked back.

Scott is here. The prospect of vibrant faith communities along the Firth of Forth and east coast down to Lindisfarne is becoming a real possibility. Some exciting developments lie ahead. We are co-writing a book to inspire men to use everything they have to build the kingdom of God. We discussed Russell Brand's book on Revolution. OK, Russell knows that capitalism is corrupt, that his past lives of sex, drugs and celebrity show-off are not the answer. But he has no answer other than anarchism. We want to enlist the Russell Brands who will be real about themselves, the way the world works, and the way God works.

Posted at 03:25am on 15th October 2014
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