Celtic Prayers For Praying The Hours

Celtic Prayers for the Rhythm of Each Day

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The introduction to this new book states that early followers of the Way in the Roman Empire and in Celtic lands followed the flow of the Roman workday: bells began the working day at six in the morning, sounded a mid-morning break at nine, rang again for the noon meal and siesta, announced the recommencement of trade at three in the afternoon, and closed the business day at six. Later prayer stops were observed also at evening, bedtime and in the middle of the night.  These eight prayer pauses became known as Praying the Hours,  Only monasteries kept all eight going, and often this was by rota.

Anamchara Books have used a selection of my prayers for each of these eight hours, so that anyone may pray them whenever they are awake and able. Here are a few examples:


Waking up: I arise today in the fullness of my humanity...

At the stsart of the work day: Bless my eyes - so I notice others; bless my hands so I help others; bless my heart so I love others.

Midday: Great Spirit, may my co-workers and I work in dignity and in the beauty of the day...

At the end of the work day: Let the light fade and the work be done, let the flowers and the lap-tops close, and let the Son of God draw near.

Evening: As the sun sets in the West may we settle  with you...

Bed-time: May Heaven's peacekeepeers encircle us with their outstretched arms and hover around our beds..

In the middle of the night: I will lie down with God and God will lie down with me...


The back page concludes: These small pauses throughout the day will make us ever more aware that the Kingdom of Heaven is a constant and present reality, hidden just beneath the veil of everyday life.

Posted at 17:40pm on 27th July 2022
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