Children Of Wisdom

They came from Australia, USA, Switzerland and UK to discover the secrets of wisdom at our Lindisfarne Retreat House.

We had talks on: The Wisdom of Listening * The Wisdom of Nature * The Wisdom of Reflection * The Wisdom of the Bard * The Wisdom of the Celtic Wise Woman * Wisdom in the Bible * Ways to Grow in Wisdom.

We learned that the bard in us follows:

a river to its source, a tree to its roots, a people to its soul, and the planet to its heart.

We joked that Knowledge is knowing that the tomato is a fruit and rhubarb is a vegetable: wisdom is knowing that you don’t serve tomatoes with custard.

We prayed that we might garner


The wisdom of silence.

The wisdom of observation.

The wisdom of memory.

The wisdom of truth.

The wisdom of courtesy.

The wisdom of poetry.

The wisdom of roots.

The wisdom of being.

Next year I and Matt Lamont, who has dedicated his life to wisdom , will lead a retreat on Wisdom at The Open Gate from October 21-25.  Book via <>



Posted at 14:15pm on 5th October 2012
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