Christ At The Fault Lines

I am with a crowd. It’s The Community of Aidan and Hilda’s Annual Gathering at Windmill Farm Center Oxfordshire, UK. Our theme is ‘Faith, Hope and Love on the Fault-lines’. Our Community Soul Friend, Peter Neilson, recently returned from The Holy Land. He discovered that Jesus, Son of God, carried out his work on the world’s deepest fault line.

Our workshops explore how Jesus might want us to operate on various fault-lines: places of conflict, areas of gender and identity transition; the National Health Service; Ethnic communities. Kevin Downham, the new co-warden at our Open Gate Retreat House, was inspired by the Welsh hermit Cadoc. He had a military training. When hunters came and abused his hospitality he served each with grace, gentleness and smiles. His demeanour in the face of abuse was so transforming that Illtyd, a hunter-soldier, became a Christian disciple and hermit. Soon he was invited to school the royal sons and others from far and wide. His school produced a multitude of saints at Llantwit Major.

Before coming here I rejoiced to renew our links with David Sherbino of Tyndale College Toronto. He brought twenty people on pilgrimage. I dined with them on Holy Island and gave two lectures – on Creation and Celtic Evangelism. Some Evangelical Christians – including those around President Trump - write off creation as part of the sin that needs to be trashed. The Bible presents it as flowing from the heart of Christ – called to be transformed into a new creation. Many of the Tyndale friends have also taken soul friendship into their practice.

UK had an election for a new Parliament. No political party has a majority. Many electors voted strategically, to elect an MP who would retain a good trading relationship between UK and the European Union. We believe in a relational world and a relational economy. My daily prayer tweet was 'Give us M.P's who are truth-tellers and community builders with servant hearts '

Posted at 08:22am on 10th June 2017
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