Churches In Terminal Decline? A New Movement......

I am informed that national UK church leaders report that under forties in all religions don't want to take responsibilities within a particular local faith community - the internet world is their parish.  So the top leaders strategy is to turn clergy into skilled managers - they undertake the time-consuming bureacratic work relating to  church buildings, church schools, church councils,  organising the services, church safeguarding etc etc. in an ever increasing number of churches in amalgamated parishes/congregations,  Gone for ever is the 'the parson' - the person  called by God who is available to and loved by everyone in their parish/congregation. If you want that, emigrate to a rural part of Italy.

This is a strategy for how to die efficiently.  The church becomes all admirals and no navy.

It is easy to criticise, but what is God saying?  Is God reminding us that Christianity started as a movement more than an institution?

We must become a movement again.

By a strange 'God-incidence' IVP Press USA sent me a complimentary copy of a First Nations version of The New Testament.  This is doubtless because they have read  my 'Brendan's Return Voyage: A New American Dream: Indigenous, Post-Colonial and Celtic Theology'. If you read this, please send a review to Amazon.  This First Nations New Testament is a deeply refreshing read.  'Creator Sets Free' (Jesus) and 'Small Man' (the apostle Paul) call us to 'walk The Good Road' (embrace the Gospel).

Those of us who commit to a Way of Life seek to walk the Good Road. We can start at any age and can live in any place.  We never cease to journey, Yet we do understand that a life without responsibilities is a cheap cop-out.  But the responsibilities are to fellow travellers and would-be fellow travellers in any context.

Roll on new monasticism!

As my book  urges, let new monastics from colonial lands reach out to and link up with First Nation believers and follow The Good Road together.


Posted at 10:29am on 28th September 2022
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