I am at Cliff College, among the snows of England's Peak District.  I wear my new boots which have spikes for ice.

I give three lectures on spiritual mentoring in the M. A. programme.  I meet the Dean to discuss the exciting potential of our e-studies programmes. I meet Dr Steve Emery-Wright, M.A. Programme leader and mountain climber. And I am personal tutor (from home) for his wife Lorraine whose dissertation is on Thin Places. We discuss how immigrants and persons who feel displaced may embrace and be embraced by Thin Places. I am also tutor to John - a Roman Catholic deacon in a formerly Methodist college. How good is that?

Now Cliff is multi-cultural, mult-national, and multi-church. Its students are highly motivated. I  like Cliff.

Posted at 23:47pm on 6th February 2012
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