Climate Deniers And The Bible

The CAH Way of Life’s starting point is to root out denial. Simplicity springs from the Beatitude ‘Blest are the poor in spirit’ – that is ‘Blest are those who root out the human lust to possess’ (Matthew 5:3). Human lust to possess and rape the earth has accelerated with the ability to mine fossil fuels.

The Bible starts with the story of the human lust to take control of earth. The blood spilt by Cain’s lust to control makes the earth sterile (Genesis 4:8-12). The Gospels end with an earthquake and the sun’s eclipse caused by humans killing the Son of God through whom all creation gets its life (Matthew 27:45-52; John 1:3).

From start to finish the Scriptures teach that we reap what we sow. The prophets repeatedly point out that human mistreatment makes the earth sterile: ‘You have polluted the land with your whoring and wickedness. Therefore the showers have been withheld and the spring rain has not come'   (Jeremiah 3:2, 5).  ‘Because everyone is greedy for unjust gain …there are no grapes on the vine, nor figs on the trees; even the leaves wither’ (Jeremiah 8: 2b, 3, 13). ‘Because everyone… is greedy and deals falsely (Jeremiah 8:10) the mountains and pastures are laid waste (9:10). The earth will become a wasteland because there is no one who cares’ (12:11). 

Unredeemed capitalism has raped the earth on the altar of the god of money. We have to stop this rape now. Buy, travel, garden and vote acording to the mind of Christ from whom all creation flows (John 1:3).

Simplicity is beautiful.





A friend from Norway writes: 'Thank you so very much for your book "Monk in the Marked Place".... I was blessed from the very beginning, reading the Foreword,

I have often thought of life with Jesus as a ZIGZAG. "Your Zigzag Jesus has to be my greatest glory"- as a child once sang, Not understading the word in Norwegian for Gods Kingdom, "Guds Rikssak", it became  "Guds sikksakk" (zig-zag) when the boy was singing.

So if you feel your life is all zig-zag - take hope!


AnamCara-Solveig in Norway


Posted at 08:10am on 1st July 2021
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