In September I blacked out during a riverside Communion service beside the river Tweed at Old Melrose. A priest who thought I was dying sang a song of faith over me before two angels in the form of ambulance officers stood each side of me, and the land owner bumped me in his quad bike to the ambulance waiting on the tarmac.

On Friday we returned, but this time the owner invited us to walk up his private tarmac road where we had Communion beside what he said was part of the old monastery site.  In gratitude I gave him a signed copy of my autobiography.

On Wednesday my sister Sally and I listened in Berwick's ancient Guildhall to a fascinating talk entitled 'Conundrum' by Lord Sentamu of Lindisfarne.  He told of how King Edwin evangelised ancient Northumbria and had a capital at Edinburgh, which is named after him  He encouraged us to study more deeply the history and nature of the place where we live.  As we enter into its Mystery we can be a wiser and more  fruitful servant of God in that place.

On Friday and Saturday young Christians walking to the Cop26 climate conference at Glasgow set out for Glasgow from Berwick, having been fed and sheltered overnight.   I emailed details of my Celtic Christianity and Climate Crisis book to '!' Young Christians Climate Network.  Action, not words, say they and now the Queen.   We have a decade left to steward the Garden of Eden or bequeath hell on earth to our children.

We have now revamped the books section of this web site so you can buy any of my forty books at the press of a button.

Tread the earth lightly.



Posted at 12:12pm on 17th October 2021
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