Dear Children, How You Can Build A New World

Dear Children,

You fear that you have no future, that this world will be destroyed by nuclear bombs or climate disasters. Yet you long to build a better world.

Some people with enough money migrate to newly created ‘paradise areas’ in places such as El Paraiso Verde in Paraguay – the world’s largest settlement for ‘awakened people’.  The trouble is, new arrivals find they have brought their old human nature with them.

Jesus asks us to pray daily ‘Your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven’. The All-Merciful is more like the Lion King than earthly monarchs.

In the Lion Kingdom birds fly, elephants wade and each plant and creature has the dignity of their rightful place, stewarded by all.

The Community of Aidan and Hilda Way of Life sets out the most important steps we can take to build a better world – to let The lion King rule on earth so to speak.

Just for starters:

1. Honesty. We can only trust and keep rules of people who are honest. Don’t follow anyone who tells lies. Don’t buy products that are not authentic. Always speak the truth from your heart. Only vote for honest people.

2. Simplicity. We either follow the Ten Commandments of God or are lumbered with the ten thousand commandments of people – we are killed by bureaucracy. Cut out everything from the internet and from your doorstep which is fake, brainwashing, shouting, showing off, deceiving.  Live simply that others may simply live. Cherish the little plant that grows through a crack in the pavement. Grow something in your garden or window box which you may eat. Don't show off. Smile from your heart.

The Lion King will be pleased.


Posted at 10:14am on 28th April 2022
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