Denmark, Lent And New Celtic Monasticism

I leave for a long week-end with young people in a new church in Aarhus, Denmark.

Guests have returned to The Open Gate after it's re-fit.

I circulate a download on this site, 'Lent - 40 things to do' as the season of discipline begins. And I tweet 'Help us build up spiritual muscle by saying no to something.

I try and make Whitehouse a more simplified, ordered, contemplative, hospitable place.The Salvation Army collect excess furniture. The lounge doubles as an ikoned place for meditation. The chalet archives are now in chronological order and its spiders have been introduced to the flower beds.

A key book, 'A Pilgrim Way', has been re-published as 'Celtic New Monasticism for Everyday People'. The main part remains the text and commentary on our Way of Life, with a few corrections. The first chapter is a revised, world-wide update on the story of The Community of Aidan and Hilda in its first twenty years. The last chapter is entirely new. It offers a year's discussion and reflection questions for weekly groups.

Posted at 23:24pm on 5th March 2014
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