Divine Conversations

Lunch with Stuart and Paul who are leaders of a community church that meets in a cinema. Questions to discuss: How do leaders of large set-ups create enough time to work on their inner life? If they don't, observe how the institution becomes dysfunctional.

Paul and Sally round for tea. Grants have funded books and DVD's to help parents of many faiths accompany their dying children. Beautiful stories. What would a Celtic-shaped hospital look like?

Graham, Ruth and Carol are in London for an indaba on how to foster the arts of soul friendship. I give lunch to two sterling volunteers. Geoff H comes from Birmingham to sort our book keeping and oversee a creative transition of bank accounts. Geoff S comes from Norfolk to assist Naomi and Peter at an Open Gate packed with guests.

Pete and Andrea bring nice biscuits for our afternoon tea. Pete brings me up-to-date on developments with 24/7 prayer, and Andrea with the parish of which she is vicar and the delights of its first Alpha course. And of the poustinia they are to build in their garden. What are some of the ingredients in listening to God? Dissatisfaction and dreams, passions and peace ....

Skype with Brent and Belinda in Melbourne. He has gained a scholarship to study Christian social enterprises in UK for a year. We talk of places to visit, social enterprises to study, people who might host them. An hour on the phone to Mark. We discuss the Christian Leadership Institute and its papers on how getting to know yourself enables leaders to build on rock. I am beginning to analyse and address criticisms levelled at Celtic Christianity in recent years, to sift the wheat from the weeds, and to think through bases for long-term outcomes.

Posted at 11:23am on 20th July 2011
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