Easter Hope

Monk In the Marketplace and the Simpsons - the autobiography by Ray Simpson (DLT)

'This is the first book I have been able to read for twenty four years'. A Norwich busker.

''This is a book that needs to be read several times since there is so much distilled wisdom and careful reflection on life, spirituality, the church, the future of our world and more.' Simon Holloway www.bridgeandplough.com

'I am deeply moved by the story of one whose heart is set on pilgrimage, both in the extensive geography of the world and the intensive geography of the soul. I am inspired by the unrelenting fountain of thought, and the profound reflections of living in the borderlands of heaven ... (and the desire) to lay foundations for a thousand years and its implications for our civilisation.'A church leader.

 'A rare combination of contemplative, charismatic and commentator'  Revd Professor Ian Bradley

'You meet Ray and feel yourself talking with him as you journey with him from childhood to the Potteries, Norwich and Lindisfarne.' Rt. Rev. Dr. Stephen Platten.

'A compelling account of a decades-long quest for God, enflamed by spiritual yearning...this inspired story captures the imagination with frequent flowerings of human creativity'.  Professor Emeritus Charles Nienkirchen, Ambrose University, Canada

Chapters include: Out of a war-time womb, Three Great Assignments, Bowthorpe - a divine accident, Off-shoots of a Village of God, The Birthings of The Community of Aidan and Hilda, Lindisfarne - a Holy Island?, Life as an Author, Love of Countries, Pilgrimage, The Simpsons, Borderlands.

To order a £12.90 signed copy post free (add £3 for postage outside UK) email <revd.ray.simpson@btinternet.com> and you will receive bank details for your payments. 







Posted at 11:26am on 7th April 2021
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