Easter And Richard Dawkins' 'the God Delusion'

Belatedly, this Easter I have read Richard Dawkins' 'The God Delusion'. He demeans both scholarship and science. He poses a question, but instead of answering it he changes the subject with derogatory but unsubstantiated comments. For example, he reminds readers that a traditional Deist argument for the existence of God is that everything has a cause, so there must, before anything existed have been an uncaused First Cause. Instead of investigating this argument he merely says that the uncaused First Cause does not have to be called God, Of course God does not have to be called God!

He writes an entire book about atheism without investigating the Resurrection of Christ. Some omission! Presumably he dismisses the cogent arguments for the resurrection as part of his skimpy, imperious dismissal of The New Testament as 'not reliable'. He makes the absurd statement that 'The only difference between the Gospels and Dan Brown's novel 'The Da Vinci Code' are that the gospels are ancient fiction while the Da Vinci Code is modern fiction.'

Do you know anyone who has laid down their life in defence of 'The Da Vinci Code' or met any of the dead characters who have come alive again? Do you know of any serious scholar in the world who doubts that Christianity is a historical religion, and that it started with people who knew Jesus, witnessed his death, claimed to have experienced his resurrection and who wrote the Gospel accounts in the same century that Jesus died?

Perhaps the next most famous atheist after Dawkins, Professor Anthony Flew, has become a Christian after fifty years as an atheist. He says he has converted not because of a religious experience, but because of science, which, unless there is some Supreme Intelligence, could not exist. He asked T N Wright, Bishop of Durham, to write an appendix to his book on the evidence of the Resurection. Flew says this is the most brilliant and convincing exposition of the reality of the resurrection he has read.

So I am bold to greet you as believers in Russia and in many lands greet one another: 'The Lord is risen'. And you reply 'He is risen indeed!'

Posted at 09:19am on 11th April 2009
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