Is This The End Of Aidensfield And Heartbeat?

'Heartbeat' is the long-running British TV series, with fourth best ratings around the world. It is set in the fictional village of Aidensfield, named after the seventh century missionary Bishop Aidan. The title 'Heartbeat' has a double meaning: The hero is a handsome young policeman who makes girls hearts beat quicker. He and his colleagues also plod around their beat (their area) in a solid, old fashioned way. The programme is to be axed.

Last week I visited the village where this is filmed. The village is Goathland, near Whitby, complete with the TV signs for Aidensfield Arms, and Scripps Funeral Services. In the Post Office I dutifully signed a petition asking the TV company to revoke their decision to cease filming after May this year, The reason is that the internet has taken much of the TV advertising income.

The village will lose money. The viewer will have to make do with repeats. But do not despair. There is another heartbeat that nothing can kill off. Aidan brought Christ's ways to the barbaric Anglo-Saxons because his heart beat with compassion. He tuned in to the heartbeat of God. That heart still beats for today's children. Aidan's field is any place where his spiritual children are at work. If you think this is twee, let me know. If you don't, keep plodding on. Tune in to THE Heartbeat.

Posted at 07:14am on 5th April 2009
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