Epiphany Moments


Headlines shouted that the leader of UK’s main opposition party had experienced an ‘Epiphany Moment’. Ed Miliband’s Epiphany Moment was the insight that his Labour Party was meant to become the One Nation Party: instead of just fighting for the have-nots it would henceforth spread community among all sections of the population.
The phrase ‘Epiphany Moment’ has passed into the English language. Its origin is the visit of distinguished Middle East astrologers to the baby of homeless parents in an unknown backwater. A star led them to a stable. A new understanding dawned. They knelt in adoration before an infant king whose authority was not of this world. The universal Christian Church celebrates this event twelve days after Christmas (the dates vary from east to west) on the day it calls The Epiphany, that is, the revealing of what was previously hidden.
In the dark wintry womb of a northern hemisphere new year we gathered in our ‘stable’ – a little chapel hidden in a downstairs cellar. In the silence each was invited to fold a sheet of blank paper into four sections. On one side we wrote the four most significant Epiphany Moments of our past. On the other side we wrote up to four things dawning on us that God calls us to in the year ahead. Mine were to do with the  pen, podcasts, people and pitfalls.
You, too, can have Epiphany moments!
Posted at 02:17am on 4th January 2013
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