Three days before the Spring Equinox Mearns sent me his little book of poems dedicated to Brother Caedmon. The last poem ends: 'The root produces the shrub/The spring, the stream/the sun, the ray... They are two things, but inseparably connected. The being of both are one and the same.' Does that tell us something about God? Blessed Trinity.

Two days before the equinox our web manager, Paul, made his vows as a Voyager and one of our new Guardians said to him: 'God is calling you to leave behind everything that stops you setting sail in the ocean of God's love. You have heard the call of the Wild Goose, the untamable Spirit of God: be ready for the Spirit to lead you into wild, windy or well-worn places in the knowledge that God will make them places of wonder and welcome. God is giving you the vision of a spoiled creation being restored to harmony with its Creator, of a fragmented world becoming whole, of a weakened church being restored to its mission, of lands being healed and lit up by the glorious Trinity. '

One day before the equinox I watched a film about military discipline. Challenged, I cleaned my shoes before going to church, cleared a pile of things on the kitchen table and put away files and papers that were strewn across the office floor. .

On equinox day, March 21, I flung off the black clerical cloak which has cocooned me from winter's biting cold and rejoiced that sun shone, birds sang, bulbs burst into colour, and that from now on light lasts longer than darkness.

Posted at 02:56am on 21st March 2011
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