Equinox Mystery Solved?

Of course - how stupid of me. That light I saw was on the Equinox. Up here in the northern hemisphere that is the day of least light. Dave - that prayer you sent, asking us to use it at midday, gives us the clue. For the sake of everyone who blogs on I will copy your prayer below:

Warmth of all warmth, Comforter of all comfort, be within me this day, that i would share your warmth with others and be to the other that which you are to me.

Let not the darkness overcome us, but let the Light shine from within to illumine that which is darkness. As the darkness stretches it's long hand over this nation, let your Light shine from within your people, that we would be left not in darkness, but in the hope of the coming Light.

Great Light, be my guide and hold me fast in this darkness that I may be the fire on a hilltop in this dark time Burn now and ever more Amen

Posted at 03:26am on 23rd December 2008
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