Extended Family, Illness

Norway pastor Solve Hatlen brought eleven members of his extended family, including  his wife and both their parents, accompanied by Jan and Erna Lokkeborg, to the Open Gate. They had walked St. Cuthbert's Way, and members of Kirk Yetholm church had cooked them a meal on the Sunday night after worship. Robert was in his element bowling balls to the three children.

Solve and I have talked about the sense of spiritual family that pervades coptic monasteries, and yearn that this may become the prevailing ethos of western faith communities.

Alas I was suddenly seized with acute diarrhoea and vomiting.  I finished my evening talk in between visits to the wash basin, but after that - well, you don't want to know. Carol drove me home next day and someone else read my two lectures for the Celtic Summer School at Durham.

These are now available as downloads on this web site under these titles: 'Celtic Christianity: Twelve Criticisms and Twelve Keys' and 'A Way of Life as life-long discipleship'.

Tomorrow I hope I am able to drive to Durham for the last few days.

See you!




Posted at 16:33pm on 9th August 2019
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