Fellow Travellers In Os

It’s a joy to meet fellow travellers Down Under in Victoria who resonate with us: Bruce and Margaret Challoner of Lara – spiritual guides who wish to start a contemplative group with Celtic rhythms of prayer. Suzanne Hicks visited The Open Gate, Lindisfarne in 2012 and came to discuss how to earth Celtic prayer patterns in a contemplative life.

Tim and Janice Jeffries. Tim leads Praxis, a network of Christian youth work practitioners who believe in learning communities. Janice (Jay) is about to publish a short Bible for new and earth spiritualities. She taught me to catch a fish from a boat in the sea, and since it was too small to eat, to kiss it and give it back to the ocean.

Stephen is an ex RC priest now married to Michelle who came to see us with former nun, Kate. They see themselves as new monastics who have come out of the institution. They run a Post Office and have a house with a chapel. They offer a ministry through these and their web site, which they call Patmos Abbey, and which includes St. Aidan’s online Bookshop. Those who link up with them are called The Order of St. Columba.

I have a phone session with Brad Bessell in Adelaide. His main ministry is now as a key night club bouncer. He asks us to pray for his protection and discretion.

We've spent a few days beside the seaside with Gary and Wendy Lyons. Wendy is a soul friend. We have talked through some important issues.

I send a message to the Annual Voyagers Meeting in UK on the Community’s 20th anniversary year. It includes these words:

As the years have passed the need for the Way of Life to be applied to churches has become clear. We have barely begun. Before I leave this earth I would love to visit a neighbourhood or faith community that is visibly living this out.

A challenge ahead of us is how to relate the Way of Life to a fast-changing global society. Aidan crossed a frontier from a Christian to a pagan culture by patient listening and generous friendship. Can we, as our tenth Waymark bids us, cross a frontier to a Muslim, a refugee, or an Asian equivalent of a Saxon?

Posted at 13:44pm on 10th January 2014
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