Five Cutting Edge Visits

Marlene Kopf brought church leaders from USA to explore Cetic insights into the emergent church.

The Bishop of Stavangar invited me to 'tell my story' to his deans who are exploring fresh, more holistic expressions of spirituality that relate to a post-Christendom society.

I led the Friends of St. Cuthberts Edinburgh across the sun-blessed Pilgrim posts and we finished the day with a St. Cuthbert's service in St. Mary's.  They informed me that in 1127 Scotland's King David 1 granted a Charter giving all the land below the Castle to St Cuthbert's. This is the oldest document in the Scottish Records Office. They think of themselves as 'Cuthbert's Folk.

Judy and Rod Kennedy from Queensland have been volunteers at The Open Gate.  They welcome day retreatants to their home as part of the  Quiet Garden Trust.  We kept in touch with the Aboriginal-Settler 'Sorry' events spearheaded by fellow Queensland Voyager, Heather Johnston. 

Today Jim and Judy Shelley have arrived from Philadelphia as volunteers for two months.  They tell us about the healing of wounded group memories of Afro-Americans whose wholeness had been impaired by their slave ancestry.

Now I return to work on the book about Aidan - and how he befriended the Saxon royal family when they were at Dunadd and Iona during his time there.  Watch this space.

Posted at 03:54am on 1st June 2012
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