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The British flag, like many others, is red, white and blue. A flag is a symbol of a healthy love of one's country. But racists such as the British National Party (BNP) hijack it for their own unhealthy ideology. Their massive use of it in their propaganda distorts and poisons the message of the flag for new and long-standing citizens. The BNP claims that there is a pure British race (Celtic/Saxon) and implies that citizens of other ethnic origins should be repatriated or reduced in number. The BNP's history is bonkers: The British comprise waves of immigrants before, during and since the Celtic/Saxon period. But the spell of the myth that they promote, which violates so many, can only be broken by a greater, truer story - a story about the Shaping of Britain that needs to be told in every school and in film and other media. This is the story:

In the 5-7th centuries Britain and Ireland had four hostile races, each with a different language, who brutally killed each other. Then people in each race were introduced to the ways of Christ. They wanted to be all-out for Christ. They admired Christians in the Roman Empire who had submitted to death rather than deny Christ. They named these the red martyrs. Now that such persecution had ended, they wanted a different way to be a martyr. So they called people who left their beloved homeland for ever and lay down their life to bring Christ to another people the white martyrs. For example, the Brit Patrick gave his life for the Irish to become a land of saints and scholars. The Irish Aidan gave his life for the English to follow Christ's ways. Christians who stayed at home, but who dedicated seasons to prayer vigil and acts of service were called blue martyrs (the colour of death - they died to their own wills). So there were red, white and blue martyrs. Through these three types of martyr the four hostile races began to be a fellowship in the Gospel .

I have told the stories of this period to teachers who teach in BNP areas and to others. I start and end by waving the Union Jack. They are excited. They ask for these stories to be recorded or delivered live. They say a film should be made. SO I APPEAL TO YOU MY BLOG READERS: invite me to recorded storytelling gigs, and make a film, or compose songs. DO SOMETHING TO HELP EVERY RESIDENT OF YOUR COUNTRY KNOW WHY THEY ARE ROYAL SOULS. APPLY THIS TO EVERY LAND.

Posted at 13:30pm on 1st August 2010
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