B&b For God

Our friend Andy Raine asked me 'Could you give God B & B this week-end?'  I replied 'Well, Celtic Christians are supposed to see the face of Christ in every stranger at the door so, although this week has seen - following the funeral of the good queen of the world - individual retreats for US Explorers on Holy Island, hospital visits,  communication hassles galore, exhaustion  and memory loss- how can I say 'no' to God?

Later the phone rang. 'Not God. Gord- he's a musician doing a night at Berwick's Monkey Cider venue.'  Later the phone rang again: 'Gord's family has got bugs. He can't come'. 

So I shall never know what it would have been like to give B&B to God.

In contrast to these hassles I sent this tweet, which received a record number of 'likes': Should we pray 'Give us the wisdom of Solomon'? No - 'give us the wisdom of the wild flowers who, without strain or stress, are simply their beautiful selves'.


Posted at 09:38am on 23rd September 2022
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