The Gathering

I drove the Aarmundsveit family from Iona to Glasgow, and spent Saturday in Edinburgh at the largest ever gathering of Scotland's clans, who came from as far as North America and Down Under. On Friday leaders of over one hundred clans met in the Parliament to discuss their role in a changing society. Are they a nostalgic remnant or a sign of an emerging way of expressing community and belonging?

Holyrood Park was turned into a Tent Village: tents for each clan, Robert Burns re-enactments, gigs,food, and the main area for sports and the pipe bands.

May the Simpsons wear Fraser tartan? Yes. If my great grandmother Jane Simpson came from the Borders, then we are definitely 'in'. I was about to have my DNA tested until they asked me for 150. Another time! On Saturday evening we lined the Royal Mile as the clans and the bands paraded through Holyrood Palace up to the Castle for ninety minutes

En route home I joined Musselburgh's Lighthouse Church, led by Explorer Scott Brennan, for their afternoon worship. Faith Brennan gave a talk on managing finances. She and Scott had just returned from the other Clan Gathering, run by the the Christian New Wine network, to which 4,000 came. New things are budding there.

Take care. Ray.

Posted at 01:53am on 27th July 2009
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