God's Kiss And Mars Bars

Three of us went by car to Ian Davidson's funeral at Edinburgh's Morningside Church. A crowded church and robed choir saw Ian off.  Six community members came from Yorkshire, Northumberland and Scotland. Some knew him when he was warden of Scargill House, others when he was chaplain of Edinburgh Fellowship of Healing.

His widow Gill, who cared for him outstandingly during his long years with Alzeimers read this poem she had written in France, entitled God's Kiss:

God's kiss, transforming life to death, Come to my Beloved Ian - when the time is right. When angels bear the essence of him into Eternity and his earthly journey is complete.

God's kiss, come gently, like the touch of a feather, so he can glide, slide away from harm. Help me to bear the loss that is the cost of so much loving.... Then God's kiss can come to me.

I had the honour of reading the Gospel at the Communion service. The Bishop of Edinburgh gave the blessing.

The church invited us all to refreshments afterwards.  Everyone received a mars bar. Ian had come to love mars bars on all occasions. They were his signature tune and his last celebration with us.


Posted at 06:13am on 27th July 2019
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