Good Friday Devotion

          Fountain of goodness, form of true humility, you bent your holy neck

and let a cross be placed upon you. I thank you.

I bend the neck of my heart low and ask you to forgive me.


You who are the arm of God

allowed your arms to be stretched out on the wood of the cross.

Your tender hands were pierced through with the marks of the nails.

I thank you.

Reach out your hands to me

and with the sharp point of fear and love pierce my hardened heart

and guide and rule my way. Intimate, merciful Saviour God, you who lit up with all virtue the pure and the strong,

you who keep in your heart the Spirits seven gifts and your eight blessings,

you who offer them without demanding a return, I thank you.

Take from my heart the eight great sins, cleanse my body and soul,

and light me up.


You who lift the lowly and strengthen the frail, who in your weakness raised a fallen world, and let sinners lift you on to a cross,

I thank you.

Lift me on to your shoulders,

like a shepherd who does not neglect one lost sheep.

Lift me from earth to heaven. Saviour all-merciful, all-powerful, your passion affected the world, your wounds shook the elements.

That day the world discovered shadows and the light was seen to die with you. The eyes of heaven were shut,

for those who killed you could not bear to look at you.

I thank you.

I pray for those who violate you. Protect me from those who desire to destroy others.

Guard me and keep me fearless. Lead me through the evil powers

to the shining seats of your kingdom. I do not despair of reaching you, Lord Jesus Christ,

Saviour, all-merciful, all-powerful


All          Kind Father, faithful Saviour,

with head bowed your spirit passed across. I thank you.

Receive me, at my end, into the hands of the Father.

Breathe your last for me and hold me up. Then raise me from the dead.

Cause the powers and principalities to fall back that I may come swiftly to you.

Echo prayers on the passion from the Anglo-Saxon Convent of Nunnaminster, Winchester, circa AD 900, combining Irish and Roman elements

Posted at 09:32am on 2nd April 2021
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