Can We Both Hibernate And Give?

We commit to 'go at winter's pace in winter' and use the season to store knowledge and prepare good infrastructures for the coming three seasons of growth, out-going and harvesting. You might call this 'positive hibernation'. But how do we avoid stagnation and do we cease to be giving people?

On this snowbound island Ian, the warden of Marygate House, who enrolled as a coastguard, took the coastguards' 4by4 vehicle to mainland supermarkets with a shopping list from housebound folk on the island. I popped in with food for a few neighbours too.

Today I read in Waymarks for the Journey these words of former USA evangelist Billy Graham: God has given us two hands - one for receiving and the other for giving . So throughout each winter day I try to receive and I try to give in one way or another - by an act, a piece of writing, something I prepare for use later on, or by prayer. Yesterday I did a phone interview with trans world radio. Today the Haiti tragedy surely calls for a gift to an Aid agency.

Posted at 06:05am on 14th January 2010
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