Holy Spirit Hearteners

I have just read 'The Francis Miracle: Inside the Transformation of the Pope and the Church' by John L. Allen. He describes how the pope worshipped with thousands of Pentecostals, knelt down and asked them to pray for him.

Then my sister reported that a person who came along to the church I helped to plant at Bowthorpe had spoken at Norwich Full Gospel Businessmens Fellowship. He told how he wandered into the village hall we rented when we began and I heard him say he wanted the Holy Spirit. There was so much busyness that this nearly got overlooked. But as he was leaving I said to the man next to me 'He wants the Holy Spirit, you had better pray for him'. So we prayed for him and he received the Holy Spirit. He went on to plant a church and learn lots of lessons from God

This triggered the memory of my old friend John Wright, who has an inimitable knack of leading prisoners and train passengers alike to Christ. John sent me his fifth self-published book of miracles, with a foreword by Lord Elton. This is the first story:


The testimony of Peter Jamieson, Shetland.

I left Shetland to make my fortune in Aberdeen. There I became an alcoholic, a heroine addict and a drug dealer. Eventually the doctor said to me, Ninety per cent of your liver is dead. Go home and die.

So I went back to Shetland where my sister had pity on me. She got me into a Christian Rehabilitation Centre on an island off the coast called Papa Stour. There I heard about Jesus; they suggested I should give what was left of my life into His hands. I did this one evening with lots of tears, and afterwards felt much better. That night I had a dream. Jesus asked me what I done with my life. I was so ashamed. I had just destroyed myself and other people. He smiled at me and said, No more! When I woke up I discovered that my liver was completely healed. The doctors could not explain it.

A few days later I was at a prayer meeting. I asked Jesus if He would do something that I could see. I looked down and found that my arms, which had been ruined by injecting heroine, were like those of a new born babe. Jesus had given me two creative miracles. Now I take every opportunity to tell people what God has done for me. I can't wait for what's next! End of story.

On Tuesday our community soul friend Peter Neilson led Holy Island voyagers in our annual Saint Hilda's-tide renewal of vows. On Wednesday voyagers renewed their vows at our Link House in Birmingham after I arrived for a month's stay. Meredith Walker sent a round robin of the Saint Hilda's day renewals at Buderim, Queensland. Round the world it goes.

Posted at 10:14am on 15th November 2015
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