Houses Of Prayer

'Houses of Prayer: what they are, where to find one and how to start one' 12.99 from Yes - this is my latest book.

Don't buy this book just because you read this blog or follow the Aidan and Hilda Way of Life - unless you'd like to trace 'The House That John Built' narrative, that links New Testament churches in extended family homes led by their women owners to John's household type churches around Ephesus across the Celtic Arc to lands on Europe's western shore.

Don't buy this book if you are more interested in what's happening in devastated Syria than in houses of prayer - unless you'd like to know about the House of Prayer in Soufanieh, Damascus, where oil seeps through Myrna's praying hands and God speaks prophetic words into this dire situation.

Don't buy this book if you are fully extended in your local church and have no time for any new prayer house venture - unless you're interested in ways your church itself could become a house of prayer.

Don't buy this book if you are into 24/7 prayer already and can't keep up with it - unless you'd like to explore how to get better, more sustainable rhythms.

Don't buy this book if you already have a house of prayer thank you very much - unless Fifty Ways of Praying with examples and guidelines might grab your attention.

I enjoyed writing this book. I will enjoy much more hearing how it gets written into houses in a hundred streets. God bless you and your house.

Posted at 07:15am on 15th October 2015
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