Hubs And Racing Cars


Brent, Belinda and four year old Thomas Lyons-Lee of Geelong, Australia are staying at White House. Brent found faith through heavy metal music. Recently he was appointed to the post of Mission Catalyst by the Baptist Union in his state. He has a six week study tour in the UK, to research innovative churchprojects; in particular with Steve Chalke’s Oasis Trust projects and their new Academy schools in areas of social need. Brent searches for ‘Holistic Hubs'. The Oasis ‘hubs’ typically develop a faith community, a project that meets a social need, and a school, which are integrated. Brent hopes that such holistic hubs can be developed in Australia.
He was impressed by his visit to Dewsbury Minster. This has re-structured its building so that a café and a food
voucher scheme for the out-of-work are sited on the street, and these lead into the church with its daily prayer services.
Belinda is on the Caim Council of The Community of Aidan and Hilda in Australia, and is a writer and teacher.
Yesterday we visited dinosaurs, planets and racing cars at the Scotland National Museum, Edinburgh.Today Thomas is doing his daily exercises running up and down the
 stairs to his bedroom, which was my office until he came. I am doing
this blog in a downstairs corner. It gives Upstairs Downstairs a new



Posted at 03:01am on 19th October 2012
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