Jim And The Knife

Before we had The Open Gate I lived on Holy Island in a small cottage with one spare room. The first people who asked me to lead a retreat just for them were two couples, including JIm and Jane Clark.  Jim has just died in Norway after bequeathing his Celtic art books to our library . His widow, Jane, found this poem while she was clearing through Jim's things. She wrote it during that retreat for two couples.

To Ray; The Butterknife.

When I see a knife
I see a sharp weapon,
A thing for cutting, for
Division, for strife.
A thing that is needful,
But one to bring harm
As well as bring life.
Then I came to an island
Saw a different thing.
I saw before me
A knife used for spreading
An innocuous knife
That can only cut butter.
Its a kinfe for uniting
The oil with the bread
To bring taste and life.
Its a powerful knife
A necessary knife,
For those who will eat
Of the Bread of Life.
A Holy knife,
A singular knife
To chase away strife, bring life.
And with this gift,
We say go on spreading
The Oil on the Bread,
Bringing taste, bringing Life.
Go on being used
To chase away strife,
Go on bringing life.
Jane Clark Sept 97


Posted at 03:57am on 11th July 2012
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