Kevin Mayhew R.i.p.

Kevin Mayhew, who died a few days ago, will be a loss to the world.  I owe him so much.

We met by chance. A mutual musician friend knocked on my door to introduce him while he gave him a tour of Lindisfarne. It was a liminal meeting.  The Community of Aidan and Hilda was committed to 'weave together the God-given strands of Christianity that had become separated.' Kevin, a born Catholic, who published church music, had something in his spirit that responded to more.  He responded to evangelicals and conversions, to charismatics and Spirit adventures without jettisoning his Catholic sacramental tradition.  I had by then had four books published by HarperCollins or Hodders, but a constant stream of inspiration for Celtic renewal inspired by CAH was more than any one publisher could entertain.  Kevin fell in love with the stream of inspiration, and over the years published 22 books, and invited me to contribute entries to varied compilations.  In fact, so enthusiastic was he that he let me get away with murder with one publication (but I wonlt tell you which one!!).

He retained the personal touch and rang his authors at regular intervals.  It meant so much to me when he told me that he and his dear wife Barbara were reading my anthology 'Waymarks for the Journey' with great benefit each day. It also meant much when he attended my Taking of Life Vows on a boat in London on 17 July  2010.  There he met his old friend, my couisn Fr. Ken Payne, who had been involved with his Catholic Music publications.

After he became ill and was confined to a wheel chair I visited him in his home and he and Barbaara shared lunch with me.  Although he was seriously impared he still had the twinkle in his eye and his open, adventurous spirit.  I thank God for every remembrance of him. The world is a poorer place with his passing.


Ray Simpson



Posted at 18:53pm on 19th January 2021
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