I thank my car drivers, John and Colin, for ferrying me, sometimes at the last minute, with unfailing generosity, and I thank Christine, who once sailed round the world on a yacht, for hosting a meal with her Norwegian friends and leading me up Mount Hilarian.

On my last day, at the last minute, I had ‘time to kill’ on my own by the port-side. What a marvellous time it turned out to be: Muslim-Christian dialogue with a waiter. Meeting David, a Turkish-Cypriot Christian, Joining Martin (a Welsh visitor whom I had greeted at a St. Andrew’s service) for coffee and an aperitif at the apartment he rented for a week.. He had befriended people in the cafes and was cooking a meal to take to the staff! He even walked with me to my pick-up point, The Hermitage, in case I got lost and needed his phone which, unlike mine, had a North Cyprus simcard.

I shall have an abiding memory of George, the café across from St. Andrews, where members sometimes continue church for up to two hours over coffee.

Colin, who mostly hosted me with his wife Ingrid, describes himself as a Conservative Christian. However, they both read my book Exploring Celtic Spirituality, and responded to the call to release a ‘Christian imagination’. They intend to order copies with the study guide and start a group. They invited a prophetic group associated with Alpha courses to an afternoon of sharing which I greatly valued.

Fast development including vast hotels and new universities takes place here. I sent a prayer tweet that developers – and ex-pats - would serve the land and its people, not just mammon.

Posted at 07:20am on 9th March 2016
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