Languages Of Love

We try to learn from our mistakes. So Carol, who looks after our Open Gate Retreat House at Lindisfarne, and I explored the different 'languages' people use to give and receive love. In his books Gary Chapman lists Five Love Languages of God:

  • Affirming words
  • Quality time
  • Acts of service
  • Touch
  • Gifts
  • I add a sixth language:

  • to be understood and know that the other person is there for me but not on top of me.
  • If I express love in my love language to someone who uses another, they do not hear it.

    Of course, Freud discovered that the ego has insatiable love demands, that can never be satisfied by another. That is why deep spiritualities teach us to detach ourselves from chasing illusions until I AM replaces I WANT. Then we find our well-being from within, and do not place upon another what is not theirs to give.

    If you have another love language or experience to share, please email me at the office on the web site.

    God Bless. Ray

Posted at 01:33am on 9th August 2009
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