Lent And Athletes Of The Spirit

Muslims from an inter-faith women?s group in Nottingham were staying at Marygate House on Ash Wednesday, the start of the Christian season of Lent. Some came as friendly observers to the end of the morning service. I explained to one lady some of our Lent practices. She said, ?The Prophet Muhammed, blessed be he, taught us to have water in one third of our stomachs, food in one third, and to keep an empty space in the other third.? ?What a brilliant idea? I said. ?Yes?, she continued, ?but with fast food and additives that make you want to eat more, it is easy to give in to temptation?.

That, perhaps, is why the early Christians of the Egyptian desert were called ?athletes of the Spirit?. They knew they had to flee or overcome temptation. From 13-15 February I lead a retreat in London on the them ?Desert in the City?.You can book in through our office. I wonder how many will come?

Posted at 10:03am on 6th February 2008
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