Lindisfarne Forth To Spain


On Saturday USA's Rev Sandi Kerner and I visited David Adam, who re-kindled in us his vision for Holy Island and for every thing and every where. I gave him a copy of my novel 'Aidan of Lindisfarne: Irish Flame Warms a New World'. He gave us a copy of his new book 'Love the World'. This is  his best ever. Atheists who use this will believe. Phrases that leap out at me include 'Creation from No-thing ... incomprehensible but not beyond apprehension.' 'I am the mystery of creation .. I am the quantum expanding forth ... I am the aeons of time ... I am who I am.'

For two days I met with our Aidan and Hilda Common Prayer Book committee (Simon, Graham, Penny and David) in White House, Holy Island. We almost finalised four-fold prayer patterns for each day of the week.  We will need a generous donor or a miracle from heaven to enable us to print this ourselves and/or to create it as an app.

On Friday I was a speaker at the Scottish Pilgrimage Gathering 2018 - 'Celebrating the historic ties between St. Andrews, Lindisfarne and Durrham'.  You can follow SPRF on Facebook/Scottish Pilgrim Routes Forum. My topic was 'Forth to Farne - spiritual resources for the Way'. We explored ways to off-load, ways to become aware, ways to bless what we see and ways to walk in the steps of saints. At North Berwick we contemplate the hermit Saint Baldred on Bass Rock. At Dunbar we contemplate the athletic young man Cuthbert, garrisoned there on military duty, who let God 'beckon to him through every stone and star' as he saw on the nearby hills Aidan go to heaven in a blaze of starry glory.  At St. Abbes we consider Ebbe, who instead of pining away as a 'has-been' widow, pioneered a monastery for royals, invited Cuthbert to immerse it in prayer, and mentored Etheldreda who later founded the great monastic centre at Ely.  At Lindisfarne we focus on Aidan, travelling with his 'twelve apostles' to English-speakers, and on writing prayers at his churchyard sculpture or in the church, the site of his first monastery, praying that the ways of Christ may be rooted afresh in the people of this island of Britain and across the world.

On Saturday I fly to Alicante, there to greet my sister Sally at the airport, and meet our nephew Peter, his wife Fiona, and their three children Fiachra, Cara and Aodhna, which is another way of spelling Aidan!



Posted at 07:46am on 5th October 2018
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