One Liners

Goths throng Whitby town.

I preach at Whitby priory that Diogenes asked Alexander the Great if he'd get out of the way because he was blocking the sun

A bishop-designate in the pews says 'When I am enthroned I will ask people to stop blocking the SON.'

Mearns tells me how the story of Saint Caedmon is engaging badly behaved kids, the Arts Council and others in the school where he teaches.

Back home British Telecom lay cables and cut my phone off by mistake.

Our computer guru Brian does his annual security check and requires me to spend 135 minutes deleting spam, junk, drafts - you name it

Susan from USA comes to talk about the difference between pilgrimage as an event and pilgrimage as a life.

Paul completes the 63 mile Cuthberts Way and talks about his future.

Jo extolls her godly play project on Saint Hilda.

I could go on. And on. But I won't.

Posted at 06:48am on 29th October 2010
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