A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Life can be hard. It is riddled with prejudice, hostility, and indifference - or simply lack of understanding and empathy, especially among us adults. This week has brought much pain, and loss.

But just when I thought I could not feel worse, some island kids and their visiting friends hailed me. "I love you" said one - this was wholly innocent, free, delightful and unsolicited even if it is not PC. His friends then told me all about themselves - they offered friendship, untarnished by the ego defences of adults. This reminded me of a verse in the Prophet Isaiah that a time will come when even fighting animals will live in peace with each other and with humans and a little child shall lead them.

I called in on David and Denise Adam to swap some books. They are very well. David gave me a book by Eckhart Tolle about awakening to life's purpose. He speaks of our "pain body" and how all our thoughts and energies revolve around our hurts. But if we can accept the pain without analysing or hitting back, we can become aware that it is there, but it is not everything. There is space around it. We then become free. The love at the core o our being can begin to emerge. This is "Presence".

Posted at 11:39am on 5th August 2009
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