Liturgies From Lindisfarne

Kevin Mayhew Publishers have re-issued Liturgies from Lindisfarne with a new front and back cover full of colour. The back cover states it is ‘a daily worship book for individuals, new monastic groups and churches. It reconnects the world with the seasons and the soil, the saints and the streets, the struggles, senses and silence as well as the Spirit and the Scriptures…. These inclusive patterns of worships … are drawn from early and contemporary Celtic devotion, Anglican, Orthodox, Reformed and Roman Catholic resources.’

Here is a sample for th e present Epiphany season:

May your light stream into the five continents;

May your light stream into dark places of neglect, crime and fear;

May your light stream into our hearts, homes and hospitals.

May your ,light stream into centers of commerce, industry and government;


Posted at 08:29am on 8th January 2021
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