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Ruth Ward has died. I am invited to input into her funeral in Lincolnshire. She was my hero. She joined our church at Bowthorpe, Norfolk. She could not read properly, but somehow the Bible was different and she stumbled through this, eventually reading it aloud in church. Her lack of reading did not mean she did not learn. She listened to tapes and learned from life. She joined our Healing Team. Then it became the Healing and Listening Team. She counselled people. Although she was not technically proficient she was something much more precious - a healing person, a wise woman, and a true friend. She joined The Community of Aidan and Hilda, though she never quite got the title right. She found herself a soul friend and was a soul friend. When she moved away to where her husband Bernard, who has dementia, could be cared for she showed not a trace of self pity at her difficult circumstances, nor did she cease to be a friend. She got on her moped and got on with life. Good on you, Ruth.

Saint Walstan was another ‘healing person’ whom we re-discovered when I was in Bowthorpe. So what a joy that this week an ‘autism and dementia friendly’ production about his life, entitled ‘This Earth We Tread’, was performed in the re-claimed ruins of the ancient church by the local community. We prayed for them here in our prayer room on Holy island. See facebook/slow-theatre-company. I think of them as 'paralympian actors' and heroes. http://www.networknorwich.co.uk/Articles/475088/Network_Norwich_and_Norfolk/Resources/Culture/Innovative_theatre_is_in

Norfolk people are rising up everywhere! The Anglican Diocese of Norwich brought a New Vocations group to The Open Gate. These are an interesting cross section of very human beings who are exploring whether they should offer themselves for ordination. I learned that Norwich Diocese, like the Diocese of Newcastle, has a full quota of such vocation aspirants. The thought crossed my mind: Is this a first sign that the tide at last is about to turn?

Anamchara Books, New York, publish books by several Community of Aidan and Hilda authors. Now they have started a blog and invited us to contribute a monthly post. If you wish to see my very first Anamchara Blog visit www.AnamcharaBooks.com after September 25.

Posted at 07:50am on 7th September 2016
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