A New Generation


This week a young journalist named John stayed for two days. He has become an Orthodox Christian in Cumbria. His wife has given him permission to tour UK and Ireland to produce a story and photo book of Saint Aidan. He is fired up by Aidan and believes he is a person for our times.  His priest has recently published a magnificent photo story book of holy places called Sacred North. John's book  will follow in Aidan's steps.  

We set out to locate the Lammermuir Hill on the Scottish Borders where Saint Cuthbert had his vision of Aidan being escorted to heaven. We turned off the A697 to Kirktonhill  Church, which is built on the hill opposite, and drove up to Hartside which gives magnificent views south acrosss to the coast.  John left early to take photos of Aidans Dunes which link Bamburgh with Seahouses.

He thinks it significant that Aidan died standing, as did warriors.  It fulfils the encouragement of Ephesians chapter 6: 'Having done all, to stand'.  Aidan did not lie down under the shock of the betrayal of his colleagues and his mission - he stood, so that a new generation can carry the baton.

I told a friend that my pilgrimage to Istanbul had been the last thing on my bucket list. But I was reminded that I pray daily for our Way of Life to connect with a new generation. When I skyped to Australia and urged that our email course on the Way be introduced to millennials, our friend Brent said 'You need an app to do that'. A divine flash came to me: Put the making of an app top of your 2019 bucket list.  I hope to invite Voyagers  in different lands to contribute  I shared this with a friend. He reminded me of a young man at Lighthouse Church in the Scottish Lothians who had prophesied over me. This young man had started a business and would help me make an app.  So Graeme and I meet this week.  

Apps cost money.  So if you would like to donate to this project, click resources on this web  site and this will tell you how you can donate.

Posted at 10:10am on 11th January 2019
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