Three New Guardians

We commissioned three Community of Aidan Guardians to replace me at our annual Houseparty for those in vows. They are Graham (Lindisfarne), Simon (London) and Penny (Devon). The new USA Guardian, Paul Martin, was present. I am to be kinown as the 'Founding Guardian'. The commissioning took place at Buckfast Abbey and our Community Soul Friend, Godfrey Butland, presided.

My Emirates plane landed at Newcastle airport, and I took a six hour train journey to Totnes, in order to be present for the Quiet Day that preceded the commissioning. I have just been to the excellent book shop at the Abbey. Staff collected books I have written from various sections of the shop, and invited me to sign them. The shop had just one copy of the latest title, 'Ancient Faith:Future Mission', to which I contribute a chapter, but our new Young Adults development officer, David Cole, had just purchased it!

We try to keep a rhythm. The lovely half day on the beach at Dubai, looking back on the attractive skyscraper designs, helped to prevent undue jet-lag. But I am ready for rest. So tomorrow I cut short the last Caim Council I shall attend to catch a Flybe flight from Exeter back to Newcastle, there to drive hom to Lindisfarne. You may ask whether this is ecologically responsible. The trip to Australia and Devon was in obedience to a powerful dream, it was not recreational travel. So let's be at peace. 'Oh sabbath rest ....'.

Posted at 06:41am on 27th January 2011
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