New Writers And Australian Book Launches

Writers on several continents are emerging among Community of Aidan and Hilda members. Emily Williams has written a story of Celtic fiction. She also gives talks in her native Texas. This week she emailed: ‘One day I noticed a First Nation man sitting close to the front. My talk was on baptism from a sermon I had given when a student at The Anglican School of Theology over 20 years ago. I ended the service with the words I said back then. "When you are born, you cry and the world rejoices. Live your life, so that when you die, you rejoice and the world cries. Native American.” He came up, shook my hand and thanked me. I bowed and said, "I honor you."

Belinda Lyons Lee, my host in Geelong, has won an award for a short story, and is working on a series of children’s stories. Her husband Brent has edited and co-authored with me a new book. There will be a series of book launches beginning in Adelaide this coming week.

The book is 'Celtic Spirituality in an Australian Landscape'. In his introduction Brent tells of his visit to Holy Island – ‘a great place for activists who need to slow down’, and of his visits to graveyards which made him face his mortality. He had already begun to live in intentional community: now he wrestled to find an authentically Australian spirituality. The Aidan and Hilda Way of Life seemed to him a route into this. ‘Celtic missionaries related to indigenous peoples, more like Abraham did (with justice, respect and peaceful co-existence) rather than Joshua who conquered with a scorched earth policy.’

The first chapter highlights the nub of Celtic spirituality. The following chapter gives examples of how this is being applied in Australia in the light of its landscape and Aboriginal heritage, including examples of healing the land. Part Two unpacks the Way of Life for individuals and Part Three for churches. The final chapter provides prayers and liturgies written by Australian members of The Community of Aidan and Hilda and a directory of resources for those who wish to explore the Way of Life. Once the initial print run has sold out at the launches, the plan is for a second edition to be sold on Amazon and perhaps as an e-book.

If you are anywhere near Adelaide, why not drop in at:

Thursday 5 February 7.30 pm The Great Emergence: Ancient Roots and Modern Routes

Summertown Uniting Church, corner of Greenhill Road and Bonython Road, Summertown Pay at door.

Saturday 7 February 1.0 pm – 5.0 pm

Introduction to Celtic Spirituality Summertown Uniting Church Pay at door

Sunday February 8 at the Stillpoint Spirituality Centre, 5 Burnell Drive, Belair, 2-5pm

‘Celtic Spirituality and the Art of Blessing: A creative retreat. Limited places Book online at

’ I shall not be idle before this. Matt and Margaret Curnow, my hosts in Adelaide, will take me to meet Voyagers Brad and Stephanie Bessell and their large family for the house church meeting on Sunday afternoon at their home and on subsequent days to have personal meetings with them and others. Last time I was in Adelaide a legend grew that I had swum with sharks. I shall make sure no such legend has the faintest chance of growing this time.

Posted at 12:23pm on 29th January 2015
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