New Year Message


New Year Message from Ray Simpson
Founding Guardian, the international Community of Aidan and Hilda
 The balance of power is shifting. Powerful nations that live for themselves begin to die away: me-first capitalists, isolationist Americans, Little Englanders. History tells us that nations that live to themselves die of their selfishness. Connect to your sources of renewal or die.
The balance of religion is shifting. Christianity, like most world religions, comes from Asia, but many people perceive Christians as people who are devoted to western culture. Western Christians need to re-connect with their original sources of renewal. The Bible comes from the Middle East. The percentage of Christians in the Middle East shrinks in part because Christians with a western business ethos emigrate when things get tough. But as the most vulnerable who remain, even in persecution,  become open to the  Defenceless Love of Bethlehem’s Universal Child, love and renewal will increase.
The balance of power in institutions is shifting. People will no longer tolerate edicts from church figureheads who do not listen to people of a different generation, gender or culture. We in the Community of Aidan and Hilda (also known as Anamcara) are stewards of a Way of Life that can span East and West. Our leader in Norway reminds us that we must generate, not drain people of life forces. Institutions of the world – hear this message.
In response to requests I have recorded for 2013 eighteen WebCam meditations. Groups and individuals may listen, reflect in silence, and share thoughts. These may be freely downloaded from
We will shortly send you information about new resources for 2013. Other Webcam meditations will follow on themes such as pilgrimage and how to re-kindle the spirituality of Egypt’s desert fathers. For the springs of renewal lie deep in both east and west, south and north. May our New Year resolution be to draw from such springs of renewal and to make them better known..
God Bless your year ahead.
Posted at 02:19am on 28th December 2012
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