New Year Message

What change do you want to see in the world?  

Leaders of ever more powerful nations such as China and Russia seek to impose their will on the world. Not for long will one will keep control of a billion wills.

 In liberal democracies an old generation of capitalist and a new, young generation want the freedom to do what they like. Good religion points out that this ‘freedom at any cost’ is part of the self-will inherent in people which it calls out as rebellion against God.

Here are three steps you can take this new yea

1) Spell out the change for the better you want to see in the world and be that change.

2) Communicate that change. 

3) Spread it, starting from where you are, and through your networks.

Our Way of Life calls everyone to fight against selfishness and to love their neighbour as themselves. Explore it and apply it each day of this year and see what God can do.



Posted at 14:57pm on 2nd January 2022
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