Norwegian Vows On St. Cuthbert's Island

Frode Felbraten led a group of clergy and church members from the Lillesand Deanery in Norway to walk St. Cuthbert's Way and learn at The Open Gate more about the role of the Medvandrer (soul friend).  We accompanied Else to St. Cuthbert's Isle where I received her vows as a First Voyager.

I led Midday Prayer and shared lunch with the Scots CAH members group who had two days at The Open Gate.

On Sunday morning I led three services in turn at Lowick, Ford and Ancroft.  The part-time post for a new priest is now on Newcastle (Cof E) web site.

Following our old men's monthly Pub Chat I typed out all Jesus' promises that believers would share the resurrection with him. One for myself and one for a doubting friend.

Godwana Theology: A Trawloolway man reflects on Christian Faith by Garry Worete Deverell has just arrived.  I shall read it on the train to London when I shall say grace at a special birthday event for Sally McClean on a boat that embarks from Westminster Embankment at 12.25 am Saturday.



Posted at 08:17am on 5th July 2019
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