Obama And Inspired Leadership

The Booker Prize-winning novelist Ben Okri thinks that the USA election was about a call. He writes in the London Times 'nations become what they are because of certain crossroad choices they have made. The American elections are about the secret symbolic destination of our age'. He thinks the Obama story is one of the most audacious and inspiring stories of our age. He writes 'We like people who set out on impossible journeys. They reawaken in us a sense of human greatness, which we appear to have forgotten in these dismal times.... We are searching for a new America, a new paradigm for our times, a new phoenix out of the moral and financial crisis of our age. This is a time for new directions, a new revival..'

All this is true. But Obama can't do this on his own. We need many ordinary people who set out on the journey towards greatness. Those who Voyage with our Way of Life can be harbingers. Many, many more are needed.

Posted at 09:05am on 5th November 2008
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