A few days before he died of cancer, a new Berwick friend contacted me. He hosted a small group of neighbours who discussed significant questions of science, philosophy and religion. He wanted it to continue. Would I join it and help to keep it going?

This week four of us discussed science. I asked questions about quantum physics. I told them I had been commissioned to write a book for 2020. In this book I go through an imaginary door in some liminal place, and get a new angle on one of the mysterious symbols in The Book of Revelation. So now I paste a draft about Omega. No, this is not an advert for some product. I imagine I am in a science park:

In matters of science I am ignorant. I did, however, read a book or two on quantum physics. I think I grasped one amazing insight.  It seems that when you break down matter to its core it isn’t matter after all. Matter turns out to be more like an essence – a wave. And these core essences change according to the way they are perceived.  If you talk nicely to plants they are more likely than before to do well.

 This concept certainly works with human beings.  If we have been abused or neglected as infants, we accumulate hurts and we tend to hurt others. So hurts multiply, and everything we put our hands to is warped as a result.  But if we are loved, we are more likely to respond in love.

 The Book of Revelation portrays the Divine Christ as Omega – the last letter of the Greek alphabet - the fulfilment of all things.  I had left something in the science department and went through a door. This took me into what I thought was a connecting corridor. To my surprise the corridor became bigger and bigger and dazzled me with light. I found myself walking into a a vast swirling, cosmic mass. Everything in me and in all around was being re-integrated beyond my imagining. The mundane morphed into the mystical....    

I return to earth ...

One day I was thinking about these things. ‘Suppose there is an Infinite Love? Suppose every little bit of the cosmos can be loved into existence and loved out of malformation? It’s one thing to argue, like Aquinas, that God is the First Cause of everything -  the Big Bang and all that. But suppose God is not just Alpha (The First Cause) but also Omega (the Ultimate Fulfiller)?

Today I live in the mundane. With Kevin of Lindisfarne's Open Gate I shall watch  Berwick Rangers play football. But I also live in the perspective of Omega. Try it and see. It's infinitely better than some product in the pharmacy.








Posted at 00:57am on 7th February 2018
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