Pagan And Christian At Glastonbury

Pagans are meeting Jesus in their dreams. If Jesus is not prejudiced against non-Christians, why should Christians be?

Christians and others gathered at Chalice Well, Glastonbury. Margaret led a prayer walk through its garden, and explained that the red well water and the white well water are taken by Christians as a symbol of the blood and water that flowed from Christ's side. Pauline led a Eucharist of Divine Wisdom. Another retreatant read the Bible aloud for the first time in his life. This followed a dream in which Divine hands opened his heart. David and I visited the goddess temple. This is the only space in that town where anyone can sit on a cushion, in the ambience of music, incense, and beautiful images. Why can't churches provide such spaces, and allow women to be touhed by the Divine Feminine and be affirmed in the beauty of their origins in God? Emerging villages of God must provide such spaces.

I stayed on for the funeral of Pamela, which she had planned most gloriously not long before. God bless her!


Posted at 10:26am on 13th October 2008
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