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Franciscan Tertiaries Explore The Trinity

This week I co-led a retreat for Franciscan Tertiaries across the Borders of England and Scotland at Whitchester Retreat, Hawick - an inspired place. I offered spiritual direction and gave seven talks. Themes included Endless Adventure, Enlightening Elders, and the Trinity - The Art of Loving all of God....
Posted at 06:34am on 8th June 2018

Coptic Connection

On Wednesday I gave lectures at Lindisfarne's Manor House Hotel to Canadian pilgrims. It was so good to meet up again with my old friend David Sherbino who heads up the spiritual direction courses at Tyndale College, Toronto.

On Friday I cooked a meal for Cuthbert Way pilgrims from Scandinavia....

Posted at 22:20pm on 1st June 2018

A Season Of Community Revival?

This week I have been preparing talks for two retreats. The second is an open retreat. It runs from 2-6 July at The Open Gate, Holy Island. You are welcome if there is still a place. I am stepping into the shoes of Kevin and Lesley Downham who have moved...
Posted at 09:39am on 26th May 2018

Royal Wedding Invite- Healing The Family Tree

The Markle and Windsor families have deep scars. So has mine. There is a skeleton in our family cupboard. This was brought to light in a nightmare. My body was contorted and partly disconnected from my head. It had to be covered in a shawl.

We speculate that granddad...

Posted at 14:00pm on 19th May 2018


Des Figueiredo travelled from London for an overnight stay. His vision is to further develop a multi-racial South London community hub. They have already held street parties inspired by The Eden Project The Big Lunch is the UK's biggest annual get together for neighbours. It's a simple idea...
Posted at 00:13am on 11th May 2018

This Week

This week I have:

* Sent an article to be published with  Sammy and Kylie Horner's summer launch of Worship Like a Celt

* Finished my first Sunday morning sermon to be preached ar Holy Trinity Church, Berwick about the Spirit coming upon non-Jewish tribes in the first century, and the Creator's...

Posted at 09:28am on 4th May 2018

In An Indian Reservation Without The Internet

  Sorry! No blogs for a  month!

 I have been among USA Indian people and could not access the internet.

Will and Millie Toms of Tribal Winds Ministries invited me. I celebrated Easter in Ventura, stayed with the Hopis for a week, taught in two Discipleship Schools, met elders, saw a rodeo,...

Posted at 02:11am on 23rd March 2018


Stephen Hawkings' A Brief History of Time has sold ten millions copies. My prayer tweet the day after his death was 'Lord, now give him a brief history of eternity'. The Dean of Westminster Abbey announced that his ashes would lie next to those of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin...

Posted at 04:38am on 18th March 2018

Saint Patrick's Day In Canada

Canada's Drew Marshall Show rang. Would I be a Celtic Voice on their Saint Patrick's Day show? You bet! Why am I so enthusiastic?

Patrick was a teenage Brit, captured by Irish pirates and sold as a slave farm worker in Ireland. He turned to God with all his heart until...

Posted at 06:39am on 16th March 2018

The Way - Great Feed-back

 Fresh people are  enroling to receive the daily emails on The Way by visiting

I now have another three years of emails stored up, and Bruce Challenor in Melbourne is painstakingly re-formatting and pasting these into mailchimp one by one.  Now I am compiling questions and feed-back from those who...

Posted at 09:09am on 7th March 2018
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