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Making Memory Whole

I recently attended a beautiful evening service of Healing and Hope at St. Mary's Church, Lindisfarne. The service began with these words: 'Welcome to St. Mary's Church, a place of brokenness, a place of reconciliation, a place of healing...'

This week  the Caim Council of The Community of Aidan and Hilda...

Posted at 14:46pm on 10th March 2019

An Answer To Loneliness

 This week the Berwick Advertisier published my Thought for the Week. This is it:

 Loneliness afflicts our communities like a plague. It is so serious that the UK government has appointed its first ever minister for loneliness. What are the causes, the consequences and the remedies?

 More widowed people live longer. More...

Posted at 07:24am on 2nd March 2019



The trustees have announced that the three Holy Island residents who staff the Open Gate and High Rigg have been given updated job descriptions. Kayleah is House Manager, Jutta is Catering Manager, and Robert is Site Manager.  At present Robert also oversees the rota of those who maintain week-day Midday...

Posted at 08:36am on 23rd February 2019

Waiting For The Last Bus

Yesterday Haddington Serious Book Club discussed Waiting for the Last Bus:Reflections on Life and Death by Richard Holloway  He is sorry that he missed so much while he was in the midst of it.

Today I comb through scores of emails that slipped in the queue.  One is this treasure from...

Posted at 09:30am on 15th February 2019

'restore The Church's Ancient Skills'

Various people gather for daily morning prayer across the road. This week one evangelical church worker prayed 'Restore the church's ancient skills'. 'What do you mean by that?' I asked her. She replied  ‘The people unconsciously long for God to dwell among them, but they do not find God by going...

Posted at 18:53pm on 9th February 2019

The Duke Of Edinburgh And My Celtic Journey Dvd


The ninety-seven-year-old Duke of Edinburgh continues to  get much media attention because he drove into a fast-approaching car. His explanation? He was blinded by the bright, low, winter sunshine. The lady whose car drove into his claimed all the sympathy, but I also sympathise with the Duke?  Why?

I experienced the...

Posted at 09:49am on 1st February 2019

Where The Wild Things Are


Over fifty people in vows with the Community of Aidan and Hilda gathered for their annual retreat and business meeting at Northampton's King's Centre, UK.

David Runcorn, a hermit teacher and writer, led sessions on the theme of Where the Wild Things Are.  He pointed out that in Darwin's time and...

Posted at 16:12pm on 24th January 2019

Angel Of The North

 This week I received this outstanding poem and picture from Sam Simpson of Angel of the North:


Pilgrimage.  2018

You stand there
looming like some god
and cast your shadow forth
on hapless legions that still trod
the Roman great...

Posted at 21:15pm on 18th January 2019

A New Generation


This week a young journalist named John stayed for two days. He has become an Orthodox Christian in Cumbria. His wife has given him permission to tour UK and Ireland to produce a story and photo book of Saint Aidan. He is fired up by Aidan and believes he is...

Posted at 10:10am on 11th January 2019

Questions I Receive

 I recently received another question about Celtic Holy Communion services. This was my answer:

 If you belong to a church with bishops, only an ordained person can preside at a Eucharist. Whatever church you belong to you may, however, hold a Celtic Agape. 'The Celtic Prayer Book volume 3: Healing the...

Posted at 11:27am on 4th January 2019
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