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Ray's Blog

Coming Together


I preach at Saint Hilda's Church, Lucker.

Our Deputy Guardian, David Cole, stays over night.  I was asked to write an appreciation of his excellent new book Celtic Advent. He leads an Open Gate Retrat on God in nature.

Brenda and I shift a large amount of office work before she holidays...

Posted at 17:23pm on 28th September 2018

Celebrations For Tweets, Web Site And Facebook


Tomorrow @praycelticdaily celebrates its three thousandth daily prayer tweet.  Does the phrase 'the ceaseless prayer of the heart' come to mind?

Daily emails on The Way for three years are now  waiting to be sent. Bruce Challenor, who pastes and sends them through Mailchimp shortly begins a tour to visit Aidan...

Posted at 09:13am on 21st September 2018

Parliament Reception For Palestinian Aid: A Ca&h House In Bethlehem?

On Wednesday I was a guest at a cross-party reception at Edinburgh's Parliament for Medical Aid for Palestinians. A doctor told us how large numbers of the injured in Gaza are still untreated, and how health services are at breaking point.  The health of so many is worsening that, if...

Posted at 10:12am on 14th September 2018

A Laird, 20 Bishops And A New Wind

Twenty one members of a Norwich Parish  spent a long week-end on a St. Cuthbert Pilgrimage based at The Open Gate.  They were, led by Explorer Rev Simon Stokes with his guide dog Maine and me as a human guide. On the Saturday we journeyed to Old Melrose, the original...

Posted at 07:58am on 7th September 2018

Oswald - A Model For Political Leaders

This week-end northern Bishops hit rivers, streets and churches in a mission to people who live in the shadow of  England's Northern saints. Archbishop John Sentamu will baptise people in the river Glen and celebrate at St. Aidan's Church Bamburgh, where Oswald, King and Martyr, was based. Recently I preached...

Posted at 07:37am on 31st August 2018

Aidan And Hilda Week On Lindisfarne August 2018

August 25 - 31 is Aidan and Hilda Week.  On August 25 Saint Hilda's body  was placed in a shrine in York. On August 31 Aidan went to heaven in a blaze of glory from Bamburgh, both in 7th century Britain. Members of The Community of Aidan and Hilda throughout...

Posted at 15:09pm on 24th August 2018

Aboriginal Weepings And Jesus' Forebears

A royal commission into institutional child abuse in Australia reported last December and some repentance for the historical (and current ) sins of the church seemed in order.  In this spirit Aidan and Hilda member Heather Johnston has organised an artwork (a mural with 4 panels) to be...

Posted at 07:39am on 17th August 2018

Prayer For Rain


 The globe is getting hotter. Fires rage and crops dry up. In response to a request Aidan and Hilda South African Voyager Bishop ERic PIke, although undergoing severe chemotherapy for cancer, composed this prayer for rain:


A Prayer for Rain




Posted at 17:17pm on 8th August 2018

Critics Of Celtic Spirituality

I am engaged in three massive writing projects. One of these has been accumulating on my computer since the revised edition of my 'Exploring Celtic Spirituality' was published in 2004.  Since then I have noted every serious criticism of Celtic Spirituality, examined and reflected upon the sources.

How does one do...

Posted at 09:32am on 3rd August 2018

Sages And Soul Friends

 This week I received two messages I share with you.


'I am exploring the understanding  of ‘a company of sages’ which you mentioned to me in our early days in Cape Town, talking to several friends about its meaning, and the role sages play in society – wisdom figures I suppose,...

Posted at 14:38pm on 27th July 2018
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